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I would like to request more materials on close reading strategies if you have them. Thank you once again for your contribution in educating our students.

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I love it! And the color coding has always been a favorite component!

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I am so pleased you are carrying on her legacy. Her passing was devastating news as she was my greatest mentor, but she never knew it. I have enjoyed using the Jane Schaffer products for many, many years. I think my students are grateful for the clear instruction, and I look forward to using more of the writing program in my classes this fall.

Thank you for checking up on us!


I will send any questions your way in the future. In a review of the JSWP materials with a teacher yesterday, I was particularly impressed by the sequencing of modeled writing, class writing, partner writing, and eventual independence, and the many tricks you provided to help students as they progress from one level to the next! Subscribe today to our newsletter. Teachers of all subjects and grade levels learn about reading and writing strategies, featured curricula, workshops, and webinars. Remember Me. Not a member yet? Register now. Want to become an instructor? Are you a member?

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Deborah E. Students After we shared what they saw, thought and wondered using Post-It notes , we began putting the paragraphs together. They had to be able to deduce and make inferences in order to make sufficient commentary CMs. They needed to demonstrate through their color coding that they knew the difference between CDs and CMs.

Also, they needed to be able to see if they had the correct ratio…visually they would be able to see twice as many blue sentences as pink if they did it correctly. In this first example, I can automatically see that we need to continue with practicing how to write in chunk format. It is not clear that the student knows the difference between a concrete detail and commentary yet. At this point, I am only looking at the structure of the paragraph. There is much work yet to be done with language use and mechanics. This second example is a bit closer to what I need to see structurally.

We still need to work on selecting significant details as opposed to obvious ones such as the chalkboard , but the concept of chunks is becoming evident. Using Visible Thinking routines has changed the way I teach writing in my classes. If you have not seen this book, then get thee to an Amazon account!

It is filled with routine exercises that get all students involved, even your most reluctant participant. Even if you only select one or two routines to use throughout the year, regular use will soon have students knowing what to expect when they see Post-It Notes and poster paper! Perrault 6. Commentary does NOT state the obvious! This also shows that…, This is important because…, This reveals that….

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He is angry to be in this situation. Chewy is 7 feet tall. They are in danger. Chewy protects Princess Leia. He feels responsible for her.

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  • TS: Chewy is scary. CM: Leia never thought he would hurt her. The stepmother resents Cinderella.